PIERART & VAN CALBERGH places the legal knowledge and experience of its partners, Benoit PIERART and Gudrun VAN CALBERGH, acquired at renowned international business offices, mainly at the disposal of small and medium-sized enterprises, taking into account the characteristics and specific needs of this clientele.

Located within a stone’s throw of the Brussels Palace of Justice, PIERART & VAN CALBERGH offers you a wide range of legal services. You may consult PIERART & VAN CALBERGH within the framework of a preventive intervention - advice, assistance during negotiations, drawing up contracts – in order to avoid problems in the future and to protect your interests.

PIERART & VAN CALBERGH of course also assists you in situations of conflict: by means of mediation PIERART & VAN CALBERGH assists you to reach an amicable settlement. Should you or the opposite party not opt for mediation, or if it is impossible to reach an amicable settlement, we will represent you and defend your interests in a legal procedure or in arbitration.

At PIERART & VAN CALBERGH the experience and knowledge of the partners and fellow workers is combined with the knowledge of our client’s activities. Consequently, our approach adequately suits your needs and takes into account your activities, your commercial considerations and, especially, your interests.

To PIERART & VAN CALBERGH every client is important. Accordingly, every case is handled or supervised by a partner and we see to it that you are always in direct contact with one of the partners.

The ensuing result: an excellent and personalized service at a reasonable price.