All matters that PIERART & VAN CALBERGH has been instructed with will be treated with all necessary foresight and will be subjected to a thorough analysis, both practical and concrete, in order for us to be able to defend your interests with the required vigour.

PIERART & VAN CALBERGH attaches great importance to developing a relationship of mutual trust with its clients; efficient communication and the flexible structure of our firm safeguard the personal character of the client-attorney relationship.

PIERART & VAN CALBERGH listens to the client; we ensure that the client can express him or herself completely so we can provide advice in clear and comprehensible terms.

Contact with the people within the client-company, regular consultations and expedient follow-up of the conversations ensure that communication is not just an empty concept: PIERART & VAN CALBERGH is your interlocutor at any given time in the life and growth of your company.

PIERART & VAN CALBERGH can act as your legal department, albeit external, but fully informed of what goes on in your partnership and fully aware of its peculiarities. PIERART & VAN CALBERGH becomes a real partner of and for the company.

In order to avoid problems and to protect you as much as possible from any problems that may arise, we promote a preventive approach: prevention is better than cure and you would be best to consult PIERART & VAN CALBERGH in good time, rather than to wait until a given problem has already reached an advanced stage.

The limited size of our firm guarantees a swift service and the necessary – well-considered – quickness of reaction.

Finally, PIERART & VAN CALBERGH attaches great importance to transparency in the relationship with its client: the way in which the case is managed, the work done and, of course, the way in which we calculate our fees.