Institutional websites

Federal government
The Belgian federal government

The Belgian federal parliament

The Chamber of Deputies

The Senate

The Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Finance

The Ministry for the Economy, SMEs, small businesses and Energy

The Ministry for Employment, Labour and Social Consultation

Commission for the banking, finance and insurance institutions

National Bank of Belgium

The Brussels-Capital Region

The Council for Brussels-Capital

The Flemish government

The Flemish Parliament

The Walloon region
The Walloon government

The Walloon parliament

The German-speaking community

Legal websites

Juridat: portal site for Belgian laws and jurisdiction

The Supreme Court

The Court of Arbitration

The Council of State

Websites of the Bars

The Order of Dutch-speaking solicitors in Brussels

The Order of Flemish Bars

The Order of French-speaking solicitors in Brussels

The Order of French and German speaking bars

Other interesting links


The legal aspects of technological developments

The Belgian Institute of Accountants and Tax Consultants (IAB) and the Institute of Company Auditors