PIERART & VAN CALBERGH offers you its services in all branches of national and international corporate law.

The association is at your service in all stages of any possible situation your company might find itself in: prevention and advice, drawing up contracts and articles of association, negotiation and mediation, legal and arbitral procedures, civil and criminal procedures, etc.

PIERART & VAN CALBERGH’s preferred subject matters are:

Companies and enterprises, including:
The choice of form of the company, constitution of the company and assistance with its management, drawing up the company’s bye-laws and documents, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, taking over a business and goodwill, shareholder agreements, liquidation, constitution and dissolution of branches and branch offices, ...

Commercial contracts, including:
Distribution agreements, agency contracts, franchises, buying and selling, co-operation between companies, joint-ventures, etc.

Property and real estate law:
Ranging from lease contracts (lease of offices as well as warehouse for commercial letting) to conveyancing or the construction of a new property (hidden defects, building contracts, ...)

Social legislation and labour law:
Recruitment and dismissal, labour regulations, social security documents and regulation, foreign employees, etc.

Private international law:
Management of conflicts related to Belgium in applying international rules, location of foreign businesses in Belgium, support and set-up of export structures, etc. in Belgium.

Law of obligations:
Contracts and conflicts other than commercial and connected to the daily lives of companies or persons (leases, general procurement and sales, hidden defects, mandate, etc.).

Insolvency law and companies in trouble:
Ranging from bankruptcy law and composition, over restructuring of the company to the liability of directors and founders within the framework of an insolvency procedure.

Commercial activities:
Publicity and advertising, good trading practices and unfair competition, consumer protection, opening and closing days, actions in case of a strike, price reductions, joint offers, etc.

Intellectual property rights:
Including trademark, copyright design rights and copyrights, patents, etc.

Offering products on the Internet, sales via Internet, protection of your website, domain name and data bank, ...

Reminders and judicial recovery. Strict follow-up of amicable or judicial agreements on the settlement of debts in instalments and of the necessary forced execution in case of non-compliance.